Yeah, well, I know if you talk to a lot of youngsters ... I know, that’s right. Cos they model Coca Cola on Santa Claus colours, the red and white, because it’s an instantly recognisable symbol I guess. But that’s got a lot of ... They used to use the fly agaric in the olden days. They used to put it in a saucer of milk and the flies would land and die in the poisons of the fly agaric seeping into the milk. That’s why it’s called fly agaric. Cos it was used to kill all the flies. It’s what the Vikings used to take before they went into battle. The ‘Berserkers’ the troops were called. And I guess that’s why somebody who’s gone berserk in modern days, there’s a connection there.

  • Ged Connell
Spey Bay
Saturday 9th August 2008