Well, the project really is a work ... I mean, not just the book. In a sense, what the book speaks to is a project in historical geography; understanding the significance of migration to the Highland experience; understanding the significance of migration to the creation of an urban Gaidhalteachd and very much trying to bring together the awareness that there was, in Scotland’s cities, a Gaelic presence from at least the end of the seventeenth century. By the end of the nineteenth century this had become quite strongly politicised in a variety of ways and yet no one had really thought to use a variety of sources, notably the census, I mean that’s the main one actually, to investigate where Highlanders had come from who’d become permanent residents in places like Glasgow and Edinburgh and Aberdeen and so on. But also to try and understand the sort of circuitry of migration that underlies this presence of Gaelic culture in Scotland’s urban spaces.

  • Charles Withers
Thursday 17th June 2010