Generally it’s not very fast. It depends on the client’s needs so it can vary. So, for example, your client might come in and say: “I need a P60.” You write to the employer and you get the P60 next week. That theoretically is a possible case. It doesn’t happen very often. If you were taking a case to the Employment Tribunal, for example, for unpaid wages, from the time that you first saw the client to that getting into the tribunal hearing, you’re probably talking about six to nine months and then you would have to think about how you got the money out of the ex-employer as well, so that would run on which can be very difficult for people. We advise clients of their legal rights and it’s very difficult to hear that a case that’s very urgent and important to you, even following the proper steps, could take a year and even if you’re successful in your hearing you may never see your money. So that’s very difficult for people ... Also some migrants are transitory, some want to stay and put down roots in the country, so if people have a bad experience often they can maybe move to another part of the UK for work, just write it off and they lose their money.

  • Lorraine Barrie
Friday 11th June 2010