It can depend. We’ve had people who’ve arrived on the Monday and been in to see us on the Wednesday because of the circumstances they’ve arrived into. The promises that were made about employment and housing haven’t borne out. Other times it can be people who’ve been here for several years, have never actually completed a year’s registered work either because of faults by their employer or they didn’t appreciate that they had to do that so we have to try and improve their position by saying: “You need to get into registered work, here’s the steps you need to take,” and trying over a period of time to stabilise their situation. Sometimes people can come in for one piece of advice and go away and we don’t see them again. We’ve got clients that we’ve had four, five, six files over a course of a year and a half, just different advice needs coming up which often include benefits and employer difficulties.

  • Lorraine Barrie
Friday 11th June 2010