Yes, he did. I think after writing the history and about the crofting and ... he had a keen interest in how the crofters were treated and he was also comparing how hard it was for crofters economically than ... It was much easier for farmers in England and other European countries and he also realised that farmers on the UK, in England and other countries, were getting a voice and help that the crofters weren’t getting in Europe. So this was, I think, the thought process that was behind setting up a Scottish Crofters Union where their voice could be heard outside Scotland and they could get help from Europe, so that’s where he ... I remember him talking about that: “Well, the crofters will now have a voice in Europe as well as just local.” Because even in England, people don’t know what a crofter is. It’s a completely different way of life to a farm. It’s not a small farm and he went to great pains explaining this to everyone; you weren’t to compare crofters to farmers at all. But I think that had a lot to do with establishing a big union that could be heard in Europe.

  • Elizabeth McGowan
Thursday 3rd June 2010