Now, today, it’s almost the exact opposite, you know, that in actual fact the right wing of our movement, it’s not workers going abroad, it’s workers coming here! The jobs are here now and I would see this ... All the anti-migrant legislation, to me the purpose of anti-migrant legislation is not to drive migrant workers out of this country, it’s to create a two tier workforce. That’s the significance of that. There’s no way those large numbers ... I mean, the sheer horror of what’s happening in many third world countries anyhow, the economic poverty on top of that, the civil wars and ... not just the civil wars, the other wars ... There’s just millions ... That cannot actually be physically contained, that’s just going to happen, but I think the main purpose, as I say, is to make sure that there is a workforce that has to hide, that can’t go for anywhere to claim rights and can be super exploited and the right wing ... You’ve still got a right wing of the trade union movement, it’s against migrant workers ... People say: “Yeah, asylum seekers, OK, but not ...” The left would be: “No one is illegal,” the freedom to move. But Imperialism has ... having set up the structures under colonialism by which huge sections of the world are forced into actual economic dependency, having set up all these structures already, when ... it’s not that they’re easily abandoned, these countries, but when forced to abandon them by struggles, then they were able to impose a neo-colonial situation which left these places as dependencies anyhow and it also meant that of course you could now export jobs to these countries and treat them in a different way. So you’re right, the relationship between the metropolitan countries and the colonial or the neo-colonial countries is different but the same people are in control.

  • Allan Armstrong
Tuesday 25th May 2010