Very much so. For example, one of the reasons why the Land League had such an impact in Ireland and the Highlands, to a certain extent in Wales and a lesser one in ... in fact there is no specific Land League in England but there is the Nationalisation Society, very much more closely related to socialists. There is the, after Joseph Arch, the big agricultural workers ... things there. But the difference, why that made such of a headway, is landlords aren’t just landlords. They’re English landlords. In the Highlands, in Ireland ... Even in Ireland, some of these landlords are actually Scottish landlords but that’s how they’re perceived and I think class and that do get fused in these particular areas whereas that’s not the case in England, despite the fact there is ... in Kent and Sussex and Essex there is actually a big spurt of agricultural trade unionism erupting but there’s no equivalent of a crofting community or that.

  • Allan Armstrong
Tuesday 25th May 2010