And what Maclean saw about the migrant workers was that they brought very different traditions. I think he always saw ... Never mind the ILP (Independent Labour Party). He saw the British Socialist Party, the SDP (Social Democratic Party) which became the British Socialist Party, as still fairly conservative in its attitudes and that many of its personnel would have come through Lib Lab politics and did not have much in the way of revolutionary tradition. I think he saw that migrant workers had far less to lose and that people ... a much more vibrant movement could be based around Highlanders, Irish, Lithuanians or anybody else. Interesting also, Connolly when he stood, for example, in one of the Dublin seats for council ... can’t remember the date, 1903, 1904, but around about the time is a wave of anti-Semitism and that in Ireland as well. He produced his election leaflet for the Dogsward in Yiddish as well as ... So I mean, you could see that these are two key figures who saw the importance of migrant workers and are very internationalist in their approach.

  • Allan Armstrong
Tuesday 25th May 2010