Yeah, I think there’s interesting ... It’s partly the way history’s been written and my own feeling is that the Irish Land War has coloured perceptions of the Crofters’ War to such a great extent that it’s almost treated as a self-contained rural movement and almost like a Celtic periphery type movement, but if you start to look at what’s going on, in terms of the Highland land agitation, and if ... it’s artificial to do so, but if you just take Ireland out of the equation for a second, within Britain there’s, for example, a commission on working class housing in the 1880s which is very similar in some respects to the Napier Commission, which travels around the Highlands in 1883 and investigates the conditions of the crofters and the cotters, looks into their housing, looks into their land tenure systems and so on. So you also have that in an urban context and this sort of interest of Victorian Britain in social questions and so on.

  • Andrew Newby
Thursday 29th April 2010