Herring Girls. We called them the Herring Girls. They followed the fishing, whether it be Shetland or Orkney or Peterhead or Wick and down to England also. They followed it wherever it was. And the place, as I said, the place where I was reared that was not the way of life they had at all, they were working for the estate that was beside them. And, but I do know, I knew lots who were working at gutting the herring as they’d say, and I understood that it was really hard work but they never complained. And I also understand they had a lot of ways of passing the time in each other’s company, and also plenty of courting and some got married when they were away at the fishing. And my father-in-law and mother-in-law who were here, when they were at the fishing and she was gutting in Peterhead, they got married there. And when the fishing was over there, they came home and they set up home for themselves and I am still there!

  • Marion MacLeod (Mor Bhrù)
Friday 19th February 2010