Not coming in, but some of the young people ... Some of the young people in our village are very interested in the crofting system but they cannot work here because there aren’t employment opportunities for them here, but they work on things like the oil rigs, merchant navy ... they’re engineers. They leave the island, they come back, they’re away again ... So many generations gone past where people were away to sea for a long time, we’re back into that situation in some ways. So it’s a new way and yet it’s a continuation of an old way. I think we’re at a kind of a crossroads at the present time and in many ways we’re no different to those who came to my village ... What is it, nearly ninety years ago now? They didn’t think of themselves as doing anything revolutionary, they just did what they felt was necessary for them to do. The next few years will decide whether the system that we have that is crofts, community landlords, whether that will work or whether it will be the same as every other part of the country, having to stand up on our own two feet in very unequal situations.

  • Kenny MacIver
Friday 19th February 2010