Unfortunately, I would have to concede that we ourselves have been an acquiescent part of that because if we’re the last ones we seem to be prepared to accept the financial benefits that come with that, without looking ahead to see what’s going to be left for the next generation, for our children. What will we be passing on to our children? At least if you have a croft you’re passing on a croft and they can do their own thing. Without that they’re the same as everyone else, everyone else in the country. No benefits, no incentive to stay. Why would anybody want to stay in a place where there are so few job opportunities, where the pay is less than it is in other parts of the country? So the drain that we’ve had over centuries will continue, will get worse, and the social glue, in my view, that was crofting will have gone but along with it will have gone the people who kept these communities together.

  • Kenny MacIver
Friday 19th February 2010