The Trust would ... I’m not on the Trust anymore but the Trust, as I said, would prefer that not to happen but the Trust doesn’t have any control over it because the people have had various rights given to them because of crofting legislation. Many would feel that most governments would prefer for there not to be any crofting special treatment because it costs them a lot of money while, at the same time, many others would say that the most economic way that ever there has been evolved to provide housing has been the Crofting Grant Loan scheme where people are building their own houses with a bit of help, meaning they don’t have to be looking for social housing or, as they would say in the old days, council housing sort of thing. It’s a far cheaper way and also it enables people to stay in communities that otherwise they wouldn’t stay in so there is a danger that the way we’re going we’re going to do ourselves out of all these opportunities.

  • Kenny MacIver
Friday 19th February 2010