Oh yes. I mean, we didn’t have in Lewis ... it was a kind of backwater then. They didn’t bother very much but when that case came up we made the headlines and the politicians grabbed it with both hands. I’m not taking anything away from Mackintosh, Farquhar Mackintosh. He was very much on the crofters’ side, even before that, but on his own, a lone voice, he couldn’t do very much. It’s a very complicated ... not an argument but it’s a complicated piece of history when you go into the ins and outs. As I said, yes, you had the politicians but they were quite happy then because there wasn’t an awful lot to ... How many of the crofters would even have any interest or even read or able to read at that time the intricacies of politics? So they would be promised something and then: “Oh well, OK we’ll go with that.” But it took a long time coming. Yep.

  • Donald MacAulay (Reddy)
Tuesday 16th February 2010