Well the village of Kirkibost where I was born and brought up, it was as they say, it was there from time immemorial. It was ... going back to the fourteenth century, there were monks there and there is a loch in Kirkibost called Mark’s Loch. That was named after Saint Mark, and it seems as I heard it, that these monks had a school there and there was also a church, and that is how the name Kirkibost came into being, from Norse when the Vikings were in these islands here ... ‘circ’ (church) and ‘bost’ (village) and that it was the village of the church. Now, there was one of the Clan MacAulay who was here ... the Red (haired) Doctor as they would say, Doctor MacAulay. He was ... he had a tack in Linshader and he set his sights on the township of Kirkibost, because it would be good for him as another tack on which to keep sheep and other livestock, and so the people were banished from the place.

  • Donald MacAulay (Reddy)
Tuesday 16th February 2010