Now I mentioned earlier on that I was the chairman of the Lewis branch of the Scottish Crofting Federation. The way the SCF was set up in the islands and on the mainland was that you had area branches in various communities throughout the island with it’s own chairman, secretary and treasurer, but last year I made a point of getting in contact with all of these branch personnel and the response from all of them really was that it just wasn’t working as it was set up. In fact, they hadn’t met for several years and it just wasn’t working as it was, so I recommended that, in the circumstances, the branches disband and we restructure and we form one big branch called the Lewis branch. So we formulated that and I’m hoping that that’s going to work much more efficiently as one branch. Theoretically it should. And I know the response has been very encouraging and optimistic from the former branch managers so this year we’ll prove whether this is the way forward or if this is going to work or not.

  • Donnie Macdonald
Monday 15th February 2010