Yes. Well, crofting is changing, has changed, and I’m not necessarily convinced that it’s for the better. Personally ... well, I say personally but most crofters will tell you that they feel that there are far too many rules and regulations tied to crofting nowadays. We feel that really it’s becoming over-regulated which cannot be a good thing. That’s why many elderly crofters especially have got rid of their stock, either cattle or sheep, in the past few years because the paperwork is so much that it really isn’t worth it anymore. It’s not a pleasure anymore, where it used to be, and there is this feeling that there is far too much interference by the politicians and by bureaucrats and so-called ‘experts’. We have a lot of ‘experts’ now voicing their opinions as far as crofting’s concerned, and we don’t like that. Crofting seemed to work, certainly when I grew up on a croft. Crofting seemed to work, it was so different to what it is nowadays. It really was ... it helped, it was crofting that helped to create the community and there really was a strong community then, not just in this village but in all villages, but that’s just changed so much for various reasons.

  • Donnie Macdonald
Monday 15th February 2010