Well, as I understand it the land in Aignish is excellent. It is made up of machair and it is easy to grow things there. It was anyway at one time when people grew things. Em, there was a feeling though that the tack was broken up against the things that, well the landlord would be doing it anyway. It was not for the good of the community in a way. It was just that there was a fear that matters might get worse for the government, that the government would be seen as being without feeling, lacking any support for the community. But indeed they were very happy, those who got the crofts many of whom were from the villages round about, such as Knock, Swordale and Bayble. And indeed, they were happy indeed to get land and then they started building houses. And there is one thing with regard to the houses, the house I am in myself, for example. It seems that this is the first house - of the type of houses with a ‘cavity wall’ which were built in the island.

  • Alasdair Macleod
Monday 15th February 2010