Well, there was a feeling that because people had been seized that the government was going to come down heavily on them, and people were of the opinion that no matter what they said in order to defend themselves, that the government would not acccept this. It was just as though they wanted to make an example of the people connected with the Aignish struggle. Information would be made known, that information would be distributed throughout all of the Highlands that if anyone were to break the law, they would be imprisoned. And in a way, people were ever of the opinion that they didn’t have a chance, no matter what they said. It was difficult for them to defend themselves, they received a little support from ... from, what do you call that organisation ... something Defence League but they didn’t get much support, they did not have much money ... Crofters’ Relief Fund! They used a little of that but there was not much support. And the way the trial itself was conducted, people were of the opinion that no matter what they said, what they did, they would go to prison anyway.

  • Alasdair Macleod
Monday 15th February 2010