I would like to think that that is the case, that that would be ... there is a strong social aspect to the business. There’s a social aspect to people that come into the shop and there’s an interaction between staff and customers that is good and healthy and that interaction comes from ... When I mentioned earlier about the transport situation, you could have a driver delivering several tonnes of animal feed through various locations in a township or in an area on Tuesday, for example, and meet individual crofters at their own holding and have good social interaction with that person and the next time they meet them they might be in the shop and, again, there is this social link, both with the individual and with the community, and the fact that our green van is seen in an area on this specific day has a social impact as well when you’re talking about small, close knit communities. They will know that the Crofters van is coming on Wednesday and they’ll know to phone in advance and have their order on it, so there is a strong sense of ... a strong sense of pride in the company with all our employees which I think is really, really good.

  • Kenny MacLennan
Monday 15th February 2010