It probably would but crofting as what was community crofting, say twenty or thirty years ago, has moved and has become more of a self-sufficient, certainly minority group, type of crofting where most people will tend to work away on their own and the only communal things that would happen would be sheep gathering off the hill, shearing, that type of thing. The individual aspects of crofting nowadays tends to have that, with the local abattoir being operational here and it’s a great facility that we can’t under any circumstance afford to lose, allows the individual crofter to slaughter his own stock and use it in his own freezer for his own family and friends and that is what most people will do. They will finish lamb or year old stock, kill their own and have their own supply of meat for the year. And that is very much a self-sufficiency situation in a way, but there is still not the drive to have, say, something like a community finishing shed for lamb or calves or that kind of thing or large scale egg production or things like that whereas there are small units that will work on lamb production for the family and beef for the family and egg production for the family. But the larger aspect is a step, or a couple of steps, further down the line. But again something that certainly Lewis Crofters would support but it’s not something we can start promoting as such, although it would be nice to feel that we could do something to help.

  • Kenny MacLennan
Monday 15th February 2010