I think it is. I think that the fact that the way it’s set up, with ... we try and get directors to be spread throughout our catchment area, if you like, throughout Lewis and Harris, which gives the board feedback from people that they talk to, that these directors talk to, within their own locality. These issues and changes or difficulties or good points as well are discussed and will be taken to the board and discussed at the board and decisions taken on that. Board meetings are usually very good. There’s good honest and frank debate and decisions are made in the best interests of the society whereas that interest always has to be serving the person we have to serve, which is the crofter at the end of the day. But it doesn’t have to be a crofter, you know? Our shop has diversified into other products to a large scale where we have all people are welcome to the shop and will purchase whether they are a crofter or not. Many local people, even in the Stornoway town area, who are not crofters will purchase many things at Lewis Crofters Ltd.

  • Kenny MacLennan
Monday 15th February 2010