My position within Lewis Crofters is that I am the chairman of the board of directors. I have been in that position since 2001 and the board is made up of people that have a genuine interest in the work of Lewis Crofters Ltd as the society that is a community cooperative working basically to help crofters. It started off in 1958 when the idea behind the whole cooperative process was that Lewis Crofters Ltd would be a vehicle to supply crofters with animal feed. The whole business has developed significantly since these days but still retaining that ethos and retaining that ambition that these men had to make sure that what we are doing is in the interests of crofting and crofters and trying to provide a supply of animal feed, together with other things now but primarily animal feed, and to have that at the most competitive rates that we can and at the best quality and standards that we can. I genuinely believe that we are trying to do that and that we’re making a very good job of it.

  • Kenny MacLennan
Monday 15th February 2010