In Cleadale there’s ... is it seventeen now? I think it’s seventeen. I don’t really deal with the Cuagach ones, although there’s obviously a bit of overlap. But I think in Cleadale and there’ll be five active. There is the one woman, as I say, she’s gone down south for a couple of years and I think ... Well, it’s up to her whether she comes back or no, I don’t know. It’s her personal stuff that’s ... She sublet it. She did it the proper way, if you like, so that basically after the two years is up she has to make her decision. So there’s five active crofts, there was six, but there should be more. It’s still very fragile and there are times when one person’s away on holiday, one person’s no well, somebody’s working and you’ve got to go and do something and you’re down to the two of you and you think: “Well if anything goes wrong here ...” You know, rounding up the cows and bringing them in cos there’s an inspection or something, and it makes you realise that having a larger pool of active people would definitely help. And we’ve tried, we’ve tried really hard. It’s a difficult one. You know, with the croft reorganisation it didn’t ... I don’t think it worked. It didn’t work out the way that we hoped. We hoped to encourage in a lot of active youngish crofters, with families potentially, and it didn’t really happen like that and I think now, out of the four that were created, one is sublet, one is being worked, one it’s a local guy that’s got it and he’s working away more and more and more now and we’re not ... we just need to nail down where that one’s going. And one’s an absentee so ...

  • Neil Robertson
Thursday 4th February 2010