Yes, there is. And that’s been from before the buy-out. We’ve had to do that, really, to make sure that what were happening and what people really wanted. So the Residents Association is the forum for that, and that’s open to everybody that’s a permanent resident here over the age of eighteen. We do hold regular meetings. We probably hold a meeting once a month, a residents meeting. Then directors of the Trust, local directors, of which there are four, meet around every three or four weeks and then the board, which involves directors from the mainland from the other partners, they meet probably once a quarter. But all those meetings are minuted and all those minutes are circulated, so everybody is pretty well informed and has the opportunity to input into ... but certainly, like the electric supply, we would hold a meeting specifically for that purpose to discuss different aspects of it. And then more recently we’ve got a Green Team, just to add to the ... (laughs) ... and the Green Team has been working solely on all the energy saving measures and that’s been fantastic. That has given people the opportunity to have a lot more of a hands-on approach I think, just because we were doing lots of different projects. You know, if somebody had ... just for instance, a wood fuel feasibility study. You know, a group of people with a particular interest in wood fuel have got together and managed that aspect. And that’s happened with all the different bits we’ve been doing. I don’t really know, I think ... I’m trying to rationalise it really. I think there’s been so much recently about climate change. If you just watch the news or a programme about it, you can be a bit overwhelmed by it and think: “There’s nothing I can do.” But I think because we’ve been doing things in small bite-size chunks and people can actually see the benefit from something directly and it maybe also costs them less money and it maybe keeps the house warmer, then ... it’s been easier to kind of get to grasp with the whole process of it I think. And it certainly ... you know, there’s a huge community input with what we’re doing at the minute which is great.

  • Maggie Fyffe
Thursday 4th February 2010