Eh ... yes. I mean, the island got so ... Schellenberg’s son sold the island in ’95 to this slightly mysterious German artist who called himself Maruma and following that we kind of ... Initially we were disappointed that we got another owner. We were quite glad to see the back of Schellenberg, I have to say. He made life really difficult by then. So we were ... Maruma turned up and he kind of explained what he wanted to do and he reckoned he wanted to be part of the community and kind of sharing what the ideas we had. So we were sort of a bit optimistic. But it didn’t really last very long. It was only a few months into his ownership when people’s wages stopped being paid. He decided to sell the cattle. We thought we could maybe put a bid in for the cattle to sort of run us a community business, but they wouldn’t let us. They insisted they went off to market. And then he started being investigated for fraud, or so the papers said, for a figure of £1.5 million which just happened to be what he paid for Eigg so there were all kinds of things that told us that this were going belly up and we should really start getting ourselves organised for real! (laughs) Stop talking about it and actually do it!

  • Maggie Fyffe
Thursday 4th February 2010