Well, people have settled. People have taken on houses. They need some money to pay for living. They’ve got children who’re in schools now, some of the people who’ve come in and settled in the UK. If they’ve lost their job then they’re going to be the same as you or I, and if they need work they’re going to find work. As I say, a perfect example, I saw a boy who was working as a lorry driver. Unfortunately, through no fault of his own, his employer had to pay him off and he was working as a packer for a short season in flowers. But he was going seeking the work and that’s what I think people will have to perhaps do, is go and seek the work wherever it is, whether it be short-term ... it could even be for days! Because sometimes a lot of people like that are used by gangmasters are filling in because of vacancies, short-term vacancies, or it may be because of sickness, but you still need somebody in. So it’s easier perhaps to go to a gangmaster or sometimes an employment agency. And that’s why a lot of these employment agencies have the license to operate in the sectors that we regulate, because they’re able to employ on the short-term.

  • Ian Japp
Wednesday 6th May 2009