It’s quite good in Scotland at the moment, it’s about £5.73 an hour for someone aged over twenty one. It’s not much but it’s what the national minimum wage is and that’s what the majority people that we regulate are all being paid. Under agricultural minimum wage, they’re entitled to overtime. Under national minimum wage there unfortunately is no overtime. So that’s the kind of things. Historically we’ve also had gangmasters who provide the transport to get people to their place of employment. We need to check that is safe and roadworthy and they’re not being crammed in the back of a van. These days if you’re transporting people about they’re required to have proper seats and seatbelts and things like that. Likewise, we have a lot of instances where labour providers provide accommodation. Here in Scotland, if it’s for more than three workers in a house, it’s got to be considered whether it’s a house of multiple occupancy. We’re supposed to ensure that they’re not being overcharged for their accommodation. There are innumerable things that we’re involved in and these all come into the general licensing standards of the Gangmasters Licensing Authority which we test people on before we give them a license.

  • Ian Japp
Wednesday 6th May 2009