Well, what we are looking for is that the gangmaster or labour provider is just that, he’s the employer. He’s the employer of the worker. Although they’re supplying to somebody else, we’re looking for a relationship to ensure that somebody takes control of Health and Safety for those workers in the workplace. We’d look that the labour provider, the gangmaster, would certainly know what the workers are doing, to ensure that the workers being supplied have whatever skills that are required for the job. We’d need to ensure that there’s an induction process so that nobody just gets handed a knife and told: “Tuck those leeks in a field,” and various other things. There are quite a lot of things. What we’re also doing is to ensure that he’s responsible in terms that if the workers need personal protective equipment, that that’s supplied to them free of charge. We’re looking to ensure that he’s looking after them as best he can, more than anything else, and that he’s providing them with at least national minimum wage and, if they’re working in a field, at least agricultural minimum wage.

  • Ian Japp
Wednesday 6th May 2009