My role here is, in the Fisherman’s Mission, my role is to … I’m the top missioner here, i.e. the pastor for the industry. Whether it’s land or sea, this is my parish. And there’s always somebody with problems, there’s always somebody looking for advice, counselling or ... anything a minister does or a clergy does, that’s who we are and what we do. And we’re here primarily for the fishing industry. That’s the fisherman, their family, the industry ... Because it’s a huge industry. For every fisherman, they say there’s six or seven people as a support in fish factories and so on in the service. So we’re here for the fishermen, the family and the industry. Also the community that we live in because when something happens here, such as happened this week, we lost a very experienced skipper. I’ve been working and dealing with that this week. We are a port again in mourning and really try to just, when we didn’t ... we weren’t able to bring Kevin home to his family so we’re arranging a memorial service these last two days and we hope and we pray that we will be able to take Kevin home to lay to rest because if we can lay him to rest then the family will be at peace and they’ll get rest. So that’s what we’re about, we’re here for ... This is my parish and my parish extends from Fraserburgh to Dornoch. And that’s right along the Moray Firth and up to Dornoch so that’s a good lot that is my parish, so often I’m not here. But I like to start a day in the fish market where you can breathe the industry and get the craic, get the whatever’s happening in the world, what else is in newspapers, whatever fish has landed, all the news from each port, etc., etc. You glean down there. And then come up here and start your day’s work and of course it’s not nine-to-five, it’s whenever to whenever. And we have foreign fishermen in most nights. Whenever the boats are in, our place is open. In here they can come. This is a home from home and they can come here for recreation and uplift, just playing pool or playing chess ... Just passing the time must be good. We’ve a great invention here in the evenings now. We have a Magic Sing. A Magic Sing to you and I is what? It’s karaoke. But it’s a fantastic machine. The singing is absolutely out of this world. I’m first on it every night. But there’s a thousand songs in the book. The bulk of it is all English with a Filipino background. Absolutely marvellous. All the ... our fishermen know every word, they seem to know every word. They’re well versed in their singing. Of course during the Christmas period and the good times, along with the not so good times, I am speaking at church somewhere. They like to come along with me and hear the choir and what have you, and they bring some ‘oomf’ and some life into their singing. They don’t sing like you or I, they’re up and out there. If they’re singing, they’re happy.

  • Murray Campell
Friday 1st May 2009