Umm ... there is but ... Again, because we’re dealing with the community leaders and because we’ve gone and ... We’ve got the priests on side in Aberdeen and we’ve shown them what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We’ve got the migrant workers on side. We’ve got the Migrant Workers Association on side. We’ve got the Grampian Racial Equality Council on side. Council on side. So we very deliberately, rather than going to the workers first, went to the leaders first and got them into the union. We’ll be providing them with training for shop stewards so that they can organise themselves. So we don’t have that barrier as much as you would on a green field site where you’re going up to the factory gates and asking people to join, trying to get people involved there. So we’ve been able to get around it but that’s been a very specific part of the way we’ve been targeting migrant workers. It wasn’t to go directly to the masses, it was to go after the leaders and convert those guys. Because once you’ve got them, once you’ve got the gate-keepers, everything else kind of falls into place.

  • Dominic Allen
Tuesday 16th December 2008