Well, I think the GMB ... I mean, I used to work for the Transport and General Workers Union and I’d say that the GMB has more of a focus on organising migrant workers and actually implementing initiatives aimed towards migrant workers, rather than just trying to go for a workplace and if there’s Polish workers or Lithuanian workers then good ... We’re actually targeting places where the migrant workers are. I think that’s probably a national thing, it’s not just restricted to this region. But yeah, there’s quite a need to get migrant workers in to the unions. Even with regards to that kind of: “Coming here and stealing our job,” type of mentality that you can ... you can go to a place like Peterhead or when I was working in Grimsby with the T&G, you can actually see where the ... you know, you go to a fish processing plant and there won’t be a native worker in there so there’s people automatically think that it’s a kind of closed shop and that you can’t speak English to work there. And there also is the ... I suppose the predominance of migrant workers in low paid jobs and so, I mean, the people that they’re vying for jobs with tend to be either uneducated or unskilled so there’s a ... you know. If we can get in and unionise them, raise the skills and raise the wages, that kind of argument of ... the kind of BNP (British National Party) argument, disappears.

  • Dominic Allen
Tuesday 16th December 2008