I know what you ... This is really good. Actually some of Polish or most of these Polish, they live in these feelings that actually in Scotland we live in our society and you can see different cultures, even Chinese or Russians or Ukraine, they try to live in their community. They are not open to different cultures and I think this is the same but illusion that you have got TV, Polish TV, you’ve got Internet, you read to yourself on Polish website ... This picture give your imagination actually that you are living in Scotland but actually you don’t have to speak English and I think this is actually a bit wrong. These people don’t want to mix with British and I know that it’s sometimes hard to live in different country but still the relationships must be done. If you meet more British people, more Scottish, more English, more ... You feel that you live in multicultural city and if you try to live in communities ... You can find everywhere, even in London or Edinburgh or Glasgow or Manchester, that there are some communities and they’ve been living here twenty or thirty years and some of them they don’t speak in English at all. The next generation, their children, they speak in English so ... You can find them. I think you will find, if these Polish people stay here and they won’t do anything to try to mix with British or try to just live life with British, I know that .... Not this meaning of living: “Oh, I’m living in a flat and my neighbour, who is Scottish, is next door and we don’t talk to each other because we don’t know each other,” and so on. To do effort actually to meet people from other country and this is exchange of culture as well and I think Scottish people are open and try to like people and that for me was very surprising actually, that there are lots of Polish shops but they don’t have British food and would be very useful they would have some British food but it’s only Polish so ... Actually Scottish or English could come and try: “OK, I’ll buy Mars Bar and maybe I’ll try something Polish as well!” in that case so they can see like Tesco. They’ve got British product and there are shelves with Italian, Polish food, American, Scottish and so on, so on. I think this will be really good as well, not just in ...

  • Tomasz Bertman
Sunday 7th December 2008