So this is very interesting and through Świetlica you can see that British people, Scottish people, Polish people ... they’ve got the same problems. Actually, you can find the same problems but maybe dealing with the problems are different, because at Świetlica people actually some of them they don’t speak English. They don’t know the system, how it’s working and where to actually find help so, for some of these people, Świetlica is the first organisation which deal with some sort of problems. But not all of them, like with homelessness I think. I’ve met lots of homeless in Edinburgh who were Polish and I don’t know how it’s moving, what these people do, but I see on the street and I know that spending time on the street ... Nobody help and some of them, they are getting worse so some of the projects they are working with people. They maybe don’t have support or maybe just they choose to be homeless. The individual reasons ... Once I was in one project and there was out of ten clients like eight Polish people and so I can see how many people is homeless. I don’t know how is it now. It is two years ago or something.

  • Tomasz Bertman
Sunday 7th December 2008