But they landed on their feet because the mackerel ... They never bothered me at the time of the drift net. Suddenly there was a market for mackerel. I know a lot that went after it in the beginning in different places but then smoked mackerel became awful popular. When you go on airlines now and it’s on the thing, so there’s a big market for mackerel. So it’s the mackerel they depend on now. Oh, they can catch them an’ all. And there’s only ... I think it’s thirty, I’m no at all sure, Purser Licenses, that’s what they still call them, and they hail out of the UK and most of them’s in Scotland. And most of them are in families. The Tates in Fraserburgh, they have three. They Lunar Freezing crowd, the Buchans, they have three. The West Gamery, Alan West and them, they have three. Now Goony Scherlin and Josie Simpson and them, I think there’s four or five in Shetland, one in Ireland and they’re ... they’ve got ... you wouldn’t get in there. Costs millions to get a license and they wouldnae sell them but the government just ... That’s it. That’s a closed shop. But it’s just ... they had the foresight, Roddy Tate and them, to seen this coming, you know? And so I suppose you’ve to hand it to them for ... (inaudible) ... the way it worked out. But there you go. I was never in that ... because if you wanted to be a top skipper, it was there for you provided you were prepared to put in the effort. And that meant hardly any time at home. And provided you were prepared to go to sea in the weather when most of the boats didnae go ... You had to do all that if you wanted to be a ... I wasn’t prepared to do that. I used to go in the summertime and the shore is as much important to me as it is the sea. I like to be home every weekend. ... (inaudible) ... Friday, but you got in on a Thursday. That was a long weekend. That’s what you aimed for, you see? As long as you ... well, me and the boys, as long as I was able to give my crew a decent pay. Because they were happy to get home on a ... So that’s ... But the top boys, they never stopped.

  • Sandy Sutherland
Friday 5th December 2008