Oh aye. Aye even among the fishermen ... At that time, even after the war when it was my father and I, it was a different fishing besides it’s been the last ten years or so. You used to go out of Buckie on a Saturday, it was always the same, net fishing and there was cotton nets; you had to mend some when the skippers was up in the office. If you were having your morning tea at ten o’clock, the boys next door you’d have said: “Come on over get your tea,” and they would’ve came aboard and there was a friendliness among the fishermen. And if you got a good day’s fishing somewhere, you come in and the skipper’s used to ... I mean, you would tell them where you were! They would help one and other, ken? That disappeared. But at that time it was, it was more a close-knit ...

  • Sandy Sutherland
Friday 5th December 2008