But the women that went to the gutting and that, you see ... They used to go to the curer, like Dunbar or some big curers. At the beginning of fishing, they used to sign up with them. Crews of three, two gutters and a packer. Two girls gutted it and another one ... And they selected it to be packed in the packs ... (inaudible) ... And down in Fraserburgh and down in Lerwick was the same, the curers had huts. That’s what they called them, huts. It was just one room. Three of them stayed in one room and when they went away they took what we called a ‘kist’ with them. A wooden ... Hanging all their clothes and all their Sunday clothes ... I think it was for in the kist, and that was the only seats in it. You didn’t have ... Kists were there and ... That’s how they liked it.

  • Sandy Sutherland
Friday 5th December 2008