Oh yes, yes. That’s right, aye. But since maybe thirty years, maybe a bitty more ... thirty or ... we’ll say forty to fifty years, people went in for bigger and better houses altogether. Well, the likes of electricity was coming on and all that you see? And water, the water was ... You see, before people depended mostly on maybe a well they had near the house or maybe a scheme that would supply maybe just one township and that itself wasn’t that dependable either but then in the 50s, early, early 50s, Staffin was able to get a complete new water supply and then people were able to get water into the houses and all these amenities. Electricity, yes? Electricity when it first came, maybe there was only just the minimum. Say one light in the sitting room and one light in, say, the bedroom downstairs and maybe just one plug in the wall and just ... Then it graduated bit by bit, bit by bit. People got electric cookers and ...

  • Lachlan Gillies (Lachie)
Saturday 13th September 2008