Well, in 1912 or 1913, Buckie had the biggest amount of drifters in Scotland. There was over two hundred registered. And, you see, there wasn’t the men here to man that because most of them had nine or ten of crew. So they used to come fae the West Coast, berth up for the summer. I heard my father saying they had one. Well, when I started on the Mary Johnson we had one aboard of the Mary Johnson, Donald. And he just stayed on board all summer and then he went home and I think he went to the Yarmouth fishing wi’ them as well, cos we weren’t there at the time. I also remember he couldn’t read or write. And he used to get letters and I had to read them to him ... Mondays ... He could be short. When you went down on Monday, all the newspapers were there and he could only look at pictures. Couldnae read or write.

  • Sandy Sutherland
Friday 5th December 2008