I don't know what's happening. I don't know what's happening. The sort of lamb we have up here apparently is lamb that goes abroad to Spain, Italy ... They like a small rack of lamb you see? They don't want the big Finnish stuff and the sort of stuff that the British market wants is big shoulder for roast which comes from New Zealand so they pass each other, yep. But it's all to do with the balance of economics because these French farmers and a lot of French farmers and Spanish and these countries that have come into the EU, Greece and that, they've probably got the same sort of sparse ground that we have and they're probably breeding lamb to suit that market as well, you see? Cos there's money in it now because they've come into the EU and they're getting their subsidies. It's just being spread more ... Och, I don't know. I see what's happening now a lot is ... Maybe twelve years, twenty years, ago somebody had a fat lamb on the fank towards the end of the year and said: “Och we'll just get it up to the lassie on Portree and get rid of it.” They were saying: “Oh stuff that, I'm keeping it! I'll kill it myself. Why should I pay? For the equivalent of what I've got there, I'd probably pay about £120 in the shop for it, bits and pieces, and I've got it sitting there in front of me.” There's a lot more of that going on. Still a lot of local butchering going on, what they call ‘home kill’. You're not meant to do it but still goes on, you know?

  • James MacDonald (Tatties)
Saturday 13th September 2008