It is difficult for me to know what it was like at the end of the nineteenth century, when the difficulties that took place made the people go to the length they did of fighting for the land. But I understand why. I think in a way, although the situation is not quite so difficult, that something of the same is happening nowadays. People see that it is worth taking advantage of the land. They look on the land as a commercial thing. They sell land, they get rid of pieces of land and get a large sum of money for them. I think people are worried that the land will be demeaned, mishandled and spent and none of it will be left. And I’m not saying that everybody shouldn’t be trying to get whatever they can out of the land in that way. On the other hand from my own personal point of view, I don’t think people should be selling large pieces of land to make a little profit. Our ancestors strove for this land so that they would get a livelihood out of it. But although it cannot give us a livelihood nowadays, I think we have a duty to look after the land. It is not at all a commercial thing that can be sold and a lot of money made out of it in a short time.

  • James MacDonald (Tatties)
Saturday 13th September 2008