Again we meet him quite ill in hospital. He went to do his artificial arm and he was doing very well adapting to that arm and the nurses were even so surprised how he’s doing so well! They even made photos for the students to see how the person can do so well. So he didn’t need a lot of help, he was given some tin openers and fork with a knife in one piece but he really was doing all these things very, very well. So then Ron helped him with the flat ... (inaudible) ... housing, but at that time he was not working so he couldn’t get it in his name so it was his girlfriend that got that flat. So they start living there but before he was renting and staying in somebody’s house. Yeah, that period which took about half a year, maybe more, to get all his ... before he start working I think. And still they’re renting and the girlfriend was renting and Viktoras was renting but Viktoras couldn’t get the benefits, the disability benefits, straightaway because it takes some time. So he was without money, without ... He can’t rent anything. So the girlfriend was giving him money to pay for the flat and maybe he was getting very little. £40 per week? It was all the money he had so the girlfriend was supporting him with the flat and to have some food. Now Viktoras resolved the events that was going on but it’s not really very smooth going so finally ... Again ... (inaudible) ...? It helped the woman, a Chinese woman who was working in GREC. What is her name? I think Ron will know and Viktoras knows the name of the woman. So she helped to find the job through Aberdeen City Council. He got a cleaning job and he start work cleaning the multi-store somewhere in the centre. But he was doing very well. He did very well. He got even some kind of papers from the council for the good work. He just ... not long time ago he got all this cos he was so sick. So it seems the life was getting better. Doesn’t matter that he lost his arm! So he was working, good job. He was doing overtime on Saturdays and ... I think maybe nine months passed. He started bleeding, he started coughing with the blood. So Viktoras called friends to take him to hospital and finally they find out that the cancer’s spread and that time was lung cancer. So we went through all chemotherapy, he lost all his hair. Things was getting better but it was given for him only three months. And that was I think months before Christmas last year. He was supposed to live til somewhere January, February. And now we have December so he did quite well, I think.

  • Ilona Low
Tuesday 2nd December 2008