So because I worked for Grampian Racial Equality Council (GREC), everything that was coming to me I was telling to GREC and especially with Viktoras’ case because I knew that Ron was the case worker. Yeah ... So it was the first meeting. And after that I got a telephone call later on saying that Viktoras was sacked when they find out that he’s sick. Yeah, he took, I think, two weeks off to go to hospital to take the checks and so on. But he needed more time to do that and when he told to employers to give him one more week because he needed to go to Elgin to do some x-rays or something else ... So they sacked! And I think he was not paid so I got the call from him and we went to hospital with Ron, wrote all ... a lot of papers we filled and wrote all his story, but because I think we passed the day you’re supposed to appeal, so it never went through. Maybe Ron still has these papers we were writing at that time in hospital. And unfortunately, because they all were working through the agency so it was depending where the jobs were. In Grampian Chickens in Banff or in some fish factories. But Grampian Chickens closed so it was more than two hundred people lost jobs so a lot of them moved to Aberdeen or Huntly.

  • Ilona Low
Tuesday 2nd December 2008