Yeah, it was in Banff in the community centre. It was organised by the community centre to show the people what services they have. How to use the health centre ... If they have problems, how to call ambulance or to call fire brigade. I think it was also people from library ... It was a lot of stalls but in the beginning nobody came, it was so sad! But after, a lot of Polish came, a lot. There was maybe twenty, maybe more. And suddenly came about ten Lithuanians, or Latvians, together. I don’t remember ... They wanted to complain about something. If they were not paid or something, I will not tell you. And it was Viktoras in that crowd at that time. I remember the woman, it was after that. It was his girlfriend, Sveta. She had very curly hair. So I think I lent them the phone ... the number of my mobile phone and after that they started calling me.

  • Ilona Low
Tuesday 2nd December 2008