His boss and his family there’re Scotsmen but if they want to then they can speak clear nice English so that’s easier for all of us, I think. But he has got some Scottish workers as well that one day speak especially normal ‘tempo’. That’s quite difficult. Probably even for me, but I start with an Australian guy then I met few Scottish and hmm ... That sounds crazy but I prefer Doric (Aberdeenshire Scots dialect) than any other dialect. Don’t know why, but it’s not easier but the same in Switzerland I spoke German never before but I had to, I learned German and that was enough to understand them and in Switzerland they had over forty different dialects. The same with French and Italian and Romanian, they have four official languages. That’s crazy. And if the guy from north went to south they couldn’t speak to each other. Part of people just know French, other parts German. It’s the same country, the same culture but that’s really crazy. And the same here I’m interested in a dialect that is not clear English. That’s very interesting.

  • Michal Kwiatkowski (Sasha)
Monday 1st December 2008