I came to Banff because my boyfriend’s step-father got a Scottish friend here. Before coming here we were in Corsica for work for half a year but left one month later because people is really not nice, don’t want to pay wages and everything so we went back to Poland. And then ... this friend of my boyfriend’s step-father called and he says: “It’s OK. When are you coming here?” So we came here and start living with this friend. First job we got was at the chicken factory (Grampian Chickens). We worked for one and a half months and then we’ve got some racist people there, like three people start speaking about us. All the time doing something wrong to us, say all the time for somebody something and we’ve got like arguments. So there’s people going to manager and then we speak with manager and it’s, everything is like, you know: “So are we bad? These people are bad.” So I don’t want to still be working there, and I quit this job and we found another job ... I work in an office as a sales assistant ... and my boyfriend help repair all machine ... fruit machinery. And I work there a half year and then I start being pregnant so when I start being pregnant and I say to this other company that I am pregnant, like a month later this guy said: “I’m sorry, I don’t have a job for you.” And then when I leave I know I need thirty weeks before I stop work to get maternity ... and he said he don’t got more job for me because I got one week, so I work twenty-nine and one week before he just said: “I’m sorry, I don’t have a job for you.” And yeah, so I leave there, working there, and start to work in health centre. My neighbour is manager in health centre in Banff so then I start working in health centre in Banff and doing work and then three weeks before I give birth to Victoria and now I am not working because I am nearly one year ... seven months later I have got ... I’m not working and one time I’ve got three jobs, like in health centre, Banff Springs Hotel, and Somerfields so it’s three jobs I have to do and I am starting to stay in health centre and when I’m start ... doing half year and back to Banff Springs for a few months because it’s not too much space for me in health centre because somebody back as well. So now I am working in Banff Springs like a bar worker ... That’s my short history of what I do here.

  • Małgorzata Ostalowska
Tuesday 18th November 2008